Papua New Guinea Policy on Protected Areas

The Policy on Protected Areas has been developed by the Government of Papua New Guinea to support the development and management of a National Protected Area Network in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It will guide communities, organizations and agencies to harmonise their efforts in a structured and logical approach to the sustainability of existing and the development of new protected areas. The Policy offers a blueprint based on international and national obligations and international best practice – but tailored to the unique context of PNG.

Protected Area Policy Implementation Plan

The development of the Protected Areas Policy Implementation Plan (PAPIP) came about as a result of the approval of the Papua New Guinea Policy on Protected Areas (PA) by the National Executive Council (NEC) in 2014. The NEC Decision No.385/2014 directed the Minister for Environment & Conservation and Climate Change to:

  1. Implement the National Protected Area Policy; and
  2. Formulate an Implementation Plan with financial estimates.